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About this web site


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WebMaker vs 0.1

WebMaker is a tool I programed to help me with my web site creation.
I needed to include html file to another, and I didn't want to use java script, or "server side include" like php.
With WebMaker you can write html file, and add some special line command like #webinclude @filetoinclude and #wmcmd @date to get current date.
download link coming soon

Other note

You may have noticed, Im not a native english speaker. So if you have found a horrible sentence, feel free to let me know.

To create this web site I use:
- freebsd web site template.
- generated by webmaker vs 0.1 on : Sun May 11 11:57:54 2008
- gvim editor
- webcpp
My site is :
- Lynx friendly
- Is valid XHTML 1.0 transitional