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Linux 0.01 News

added minix1 fs description (080512)

Linux 0.01 use old minix1 fs. For debuging I needed to understand the structure of this fs
and because I didn't found documentation on it, I have written some note about it
hope this will be usefull
If you are interested on it just go to documentation section

some documentation (080423)

- added some documentation in the doc section.
- it's seem that in china we can't access to anymore
( because of the current politics problem between france and china ?)
Anyway, all sources are also hosted in

Linux 0.01-3.5 released (080124)

- fix a bug in the elf loader ( thanks to Wei Hu for the bug report )
- fix gcc warning
- use stat to get file size in Makefile

download linux_0.01-3.5

Linux 0.01-3.4 released (080113)

minor change in main Makefile :
- cut out that ugly "cut -cxx-yy" code, instead of it gawk is used to retrieve file size ( thanks to Jakub Stasiak )
If you couldn't build linux in previous version, this version 3.4 should be ok.
( ls -l xxxx | cut -cxx-yy worked only if you change the xx-yy value ... )

download linux_0.01-3.4

website (080107)

I found some english web site talking about my work on linux 0.01 :)

Linux-0.01 released again - (080101)

If you want to learn os-dev then you can use it :)
It's really amazing to see that a such old version of linux
can run bash and some other software !
my post in lkml