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Linux 0.01 source download

linux-0.01-3.x :
- this is the last version
- need gcc-4.x
- use elf binary format instead of a.out, and you have some program working on it

Linux-0.01-2.x :
- same version as linux-0.01-1.7, which was just ported to work with gcc-2.x and gcc-3.x

Linux-0.01-1.x :
- need gcc 1.4
- few change from official linux-0.01, only some bug fix, + minor change to build it in a linux system instead of minix

official linux 0.01
(only work with gcc 1.4)

theses sources are also hosted by

Linux 0.01 Image download

last linux-0.01-3.x image
HDD image