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BOS - yet another Basic Operating System

What is BOS ?

It's just a simple OS I programed in order to learn how work OS.
It's more and more difficult to understand os code source like freebsd and linux. Linux is more than 2 millions of line code.
Howeover nowdays we have lot of documentation, so it's easier to write OS (thanks google :) )
So BOS is not a new powerfull and incredible OS, but just a begining of a useless "toy OS"
What can you do with BOS ?
Heu... Nothing :D

Feature :

- boot with grub ( thanks to sos article 1)
- primitive klibc
- function to print to screen, and multiple virtual screen
- memory managment with the use of segmentation. (paging and swaping are not planed since I have enought memory in qemu)
- malloc and free are implemented. (but the free function is not standard since it's need the size of memory to free)
- display dead screen exception when you have error like division by 0
- hardware interruption. (timer + keyboard)
- planed : multiple process execution (I'm working on it)

Kernel API

- strcpy, strlen, memset, memcpy
- malloc, free. (free function need the memory size to free)
- itoa,sprintf, printf. ( you can use special character %d, %c, %s, %X and \n )


coming soon


this software is protected by the GPL licence.
bos_vs_0.4 (added keyboard interruption)